Last Call

I'm sorry I didn't publish a "last call" today -- and I don't have time now because I'm off to see if I fit into my custom-built flight attendant costume for tomorrow night. But if you have a soon-to-close, can't-miss arts event to share, please do tell.

Meanwhile, I hope to see some of you at tomorrow's red dress extravaganza. I can call it that because apparently more than 1800 people have purchased tickets so far. And Mighty Toy Cannon was driving by Bodyvox yesterday and reports that Hollywood Lights has loaded in -- what did you call it MTC? -- the biggest damn disco ball ever?


P.S. The Mayor's proposed budget was released today and includes increases for the arts and arts education. It's not posted online yet so I can't link to it, but stay tuned. More on Monday.

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MightyToyCannon said...

Jeez. I'm feeling guilty for not stepping in and filling the void for Last Call posts. I know Culture Jock was busy getting his Red Dress on. Now the weekend is over -- probably best to look ahead to the future.