Some Statistics + The Power of Music

Last month, my colleagues and I managed to put up 26 posts on this blog. I say "put up" because maintaining this blog is a lot like putting up canned peaches: Hot, steamy work with a risk of botulism, but with results that are oh so sweet when the root cellar is otherwise full of turnips and you have a hankering for pie.

That's 26 posts in 30 days ... or a batting average of .866 ... or a post just about every 28 hours. If our average post was a mile long (it wasn't), we would have run the equivalent of a marathon (we didn't, but I'm just saying).

In April, the cruelest month, we fell short of our record month, November 2008, with its 29 posts. Of course, November got a boost with 16 of the 26 posts in our “Election Soundtrack” series. Oh, that was fun!

Now I'm starting to wonder if we can reach a one-a-day average in May. That would be 31 posts this month. I don't know if my colleagues and I are up to the challenge. We have an unspoken policy of never letting each other know when we're planning to publish a new post. That way, if any one of us is captured and subjected to extreme interrogation techniques, he or she won't be able to betray the others. It's a security measure, plus it minimizes the amount of communication we have to do.

My main point--assuming you're wondering--is that posting something every day may require us to lower our standards. You may have to accept posts that are, frankly, space fillers. For instance, gratuitous posts with YouTube videos purloined from someone else's blog.

Here's an example to illustrate, using a video that juxtaposes the title scenes from “Diff’rent Strokes” with new music ... to striking effect.

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