I'm Not Going But You Should

Culture Jock recently decided to discontinue his Friday feature,"Last Call," which highlighted performing arts events that were on the verge of closing. Instead, he's promised to promote arts events earlier in their runs to discourage procrastination.

It's a great idea, but I think we need another approach as well--one that says, "Here's a show I'd like to see but, honestly, I don't think I'm gonna make it." This is not the same as saying, "I am SO not going!" That would be reserved for productions to be avoided at all costs.

Each posting under the new "I'm Not Going" feature will start with the words, "I have other plans, but ..." So here goes the first installment:

I have other plans, but the Opera Theatre Oregon’s (OTO) shows at the Clinton Theatre this weekend sound like a blast. Past OTO productions have caused audiences and critics to rave and froth, so this one ought to be good.

Tonight at 8:00 pm (21+) and Sunday at 3:00 pm (all ages) and 8:00 pm (21+), OTO will be presenting “Opera Cinema Dada” and encouraging audiences to “embrace the absurd: give Dada a hug.” The performances are described this way:

Nuns in rubber play accordions, cats howl on key, children dodge a woman throwing knives, and angels sing mockingly as boxes of sin try to pass through Heaven's kitchen door. This Father's Day Weekend, Opera Theater Oregon's Opera Cinema: Dada aspires to make no sense to viewers. In the anti-tradition of Dada ("onlY NothINg is tRUtH!"), Opera Cinema: Dada collages together surreal film shorts with live opera singers, chorus, cabaret band, and sound effects. The live soundtrack features the exquisite melodies of Verdi, Puccini, Faure and others.

OTO’s conceit of presenting a classical art form in a non-classical setting while saying, “relax, this isn’t going to hurt” strikes me as a sensible approach to keeping said form relevant and alive. OTO has a smashing motto-- “Making Opera Safe for America.” Its mission is "to introduce opera to new audiences, and offer a new angle on the art form for confirmed opera lovers. We perform at a bar (our home venue, Someday Lounge), usually in English and rarely for longer than the average Stephen Seagal movie. Our productions are cast with brilliant local operatic and orchestral talent."

Here’s their promo video for this weekend’s shows:

Go. Have fun. You'll feel better about yourself.


MightyToyCannon said...

Oh, oh! I just got it, Dada on Father's Day weekend. Dad-a. Clever, no?

Zerd said...

Thanks so much for the great write-up! Sorry you couldn't make the show this time. It is a wonderful and wack-tacular work. Glad you got the Dada joke (yes, we are that nerdy) :) Thanks again!

MightyToyCannon said...

Zerd, I hope the weekend performances went well and that the audience turn out was good. Keep up the wack-tacular good work.