Oregon's Historical Places

I've been working on long post about arts advocacy and public funding--a belated follow-up to last week's "Think Out Loud" broadcast on the topic. But it's late and I'm tired of trying to make the post less boring, so will set it aside for another day.

Tomorrow's episode of "Think Out Loud" is a discussion of "Oregon's Historic Places." To stir up some excitement, the teaser for the show mentions the Memorial Coliseum and the recent move to save it from demolition. You all remember that issue, don't you?

The show will also discuss other buildings or sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including such landmarks as the Paul Bunyan statue in the Kenton neighborhood, which was placed on the register earlier this year. Five years ago, friend of the blog and perfumista, Angela Sanders, wrote a fun story about Paul Bunyan statues up and down the west coast for the University of Portland’s award-winning quarterly magazine, Portland. The article was accompanied by charming illustrations by Portland artist Michael Brophy.

This post is to alert you to what may be an interesting show on a cultural topic. Also, it's an excuse to plug my friend's writing and to post the picture you see here.

Update: Added link to Laura Russo Gallery section on Michael Brophy. Also, if you all want to pitch in to buy me a Michael Brophy painting for my upcoming birthday, the one I want is shown below ("Oregon Trail"):

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Stephen said...

Thanks for this post. Historic Preservation is an on-going interest of mine. I have a soft spot for my neighborhood's Paul Bunyon. Sometimes when I get off the MAX & the first thing I see is Dancin' Bare & then Paul Bunyon, & then I cross the street to get my hair cut at SEVEN BUCKS A WHACK...I think about how David Lynch-ian my life has become.