A Short Story

This is as far as I got before the heat stopped further progress:

“It’s the end of times,” thought Chester as he waited for the bus. "It's the end of times and I'm the only one who has noticed."

Chester stood in the shade, but the asphalt still radiated heat that had been pounded into it since morning. He remembered a time when there were still winters. He thought about how a pair of jeans just out of the dryer felt like this. The warmth was welcome then. He lifted the hem of his muu muu, trying to improve the air flow and stop his thighs from sticking together.


Miss Laura said...

And I thought only our house completely pitched decorum in this heat!

David said...

Yeah, there's a curious synchronicity to your two most recent posts!

'Makes ya wonder about should we'a been laughin' when Sarah Palin told us about the mainstream media bein' in cahoots with each other, ya know?