Helpful Ferret Tips

How would we ever get through a day without our friends at Google? (Or are you "Binging" now)? No more "what was the name of that movie?" or "who wrote...?" When I was a kid, “search engines” is what we called our man-hunting robots. Nowadays, the tips of our tongue are no longer cluttered with information we can't ...quite...grasp.

What I can't figure out is how to scan the interwebs for useful intelligence without succumbing to temptations that drag me down unexpected paths. This morning, for example, I googled the name of a foundation trustee to prepare for a site visit. My donor espionage project was waylaid by search results that revealed a fellow who shares the name of my search target. This other guy happens to be an expert on ferrets, as I learned from this description:

“John Doe [name changed] is a ferret enthusiast and almost killed his pet ferret Freddie. He decided to dive in and learn everything he could about ferrets. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with you in hopes you don't make the same mistakes he did.”

Who wouldn't want to investigate further?

Unable to resist the siren call, I found myself at E-zine Articles, a website at which aspiring "content providers" can publish informative articles on a range of subjects. The site describes itself with this mouthful: “We are an article marketing, publicity generating, pre-qualified traffic building, and article exposure service designed to get your expert articles in front of our content-hungry ezine publisher audience.” Posting articles on the site reportedly “boosts your credibility and begins the trust cycle with your readership.

If that’s true, then ferret experts are well on their way to building healthy trust cycles. The following is just a small selection of articles about ferrets that are available from the site. I have edited neither the titles nor the apercus accompanying them. (If these furry animals bore you, I suggest you substitute “beard” for “ferret").

Twelve Must Know Facts Before Buying a Ferret
The very nature of ferrets indicates their playful and curious side. Surely, they make great pets but owning one does not end in buying them.

Amazing Ferret Facts - Five Very Unique & Interesting Facts About Ferrets
Ferret owners can learn a lot from the information included in this article.

Ferret Care Secrets You Wouldn't Know
Traditional pet owners would usually go for either cats or dogs. Others may also prefer hamsters and fishes. On the other hand, a different kind of pet is slowly emerging as one of the most famous, thus making ferrets care the most suitable solution.

Six Tips For New Ferret Owners
It has been said that necessity always brings out the best in people. This is true, considering the many products and services brought out due to demand and thirst for innovation. In line with this, it is also best to be prepared once you decide to have a ferret.

Five Facts You Need to Know About Ferrets
We all know that ferrets are perfect as domestic pets. They can be tamed and trained. They can co-exist with other animals provided that you know certain boundaries and limits.

Ferretts, Farrets and Ferets - The Correct Spelling is Ferrets!
Is it Farretts, Farrets or Ferets? Read this article for the reasons why thousands of us misspell this easy word!

Buying a Ferret in California? Is it Legal Or Not?
Legality is a matter often ignored. In aspects such as pet owning, legal issues seem to be a thing left behind on purpose. This is understandable considering the number of ferret owners in states such as Minneapolis and Illinois. On the contrary, one might ask, "Is buying a ferret in California legal?" The answer is no.

Discover If Your Ferrets Are Playing Or Attacking
Socializing is seemingly an activity for ferrets. To these playful pets, mingling and playing with their owners and other ferrets seems ordinary. On the other hand, not all ferrets are receptive.

Training Your Ferret Not to Bite by Following These Five Easy Steps
There are apparent concerns about ferret training and discipline. For one thing, some owners feel that disciplining their pets may only lead to aggression or bad behavior as shown by some ferrets. Others also feel that a practice about ferret training not to bite is downright hard and complicated.

How to Train a Ferret Not to Bite, Use a Litter Box and Do Tricks
If anyone can purchase an already-trained ferret, pet owners will rush to the nearest pet store. However, this is just a thought that every ferret enthusiast would dream of. Though ferrets are very intelligent creatures, it still needs time and consistency to train them.

Ferret Training Tips and Tricks Super Guide
If you think that ferrets are typical animals, better think again. These ferrets have become very interesting for pet owners, due to their impressive and cuddly features as domesticated pets.

Top Seven Ferret Toys That Will Keep Your Ferret Entertained For Hours
Surely, ferrets are born entertainers. Come to think of it, who else gives you the best laugh during times of play? Who are the ones who explore every nook and cranny even holes of sofas and beds?

Five Ferret Potty Training Tips and Tricks
As of the present, potty training does not necessarily refer to tots and two-year olds. In fact, potty training is also considered a training manual meant for ferrets as domestic creatures. The growing popularity of ferrets in various areas, particularly the United States, resulted to a required system of discipline such as litter literacy and potty training.

What Do Ferrets Eat and Where to Get It
We are no strangers to related stories about ferrets. In fact, ferret owners make it a point to share their valuable experiences with their precious pets. They want to be able to encourage and persuade people to be kinder and more appreciative of ferrets.

Five Easy Ways to Get Rid of Ferret Smell and Odor
Normally, kids love to have pets. As parents and supervising adults, it is upon us to guide our children and siblings what to own and how to care of their pets. As ferret owners, one great difficulty that we are having as owners has something to do with ferret smell and odor.

The Best Way to Care For a Ferret
There are known ways on how to effectively care for ferret. At first, things and suggestions may present overwhelming ideas regarding sanitation and pet owning. However, once you get to familiarize yourself with helpful and practical how to care for ferret tips, you will soon rediscover the art of ferret owning.

Ferret Hair Loss - Five Reasons Why My Ferret is Losing Hair
So many people love ferrets for their looks and cuddly features. However, taking good care of animals like ferrets is a huge obligation. Not only are you supposed to feed them, you have to make sure that their needs are met as well. As for these pet owners, problems such as ferret hair loss is a major concern, which is why we have to safeguard our pets through equipping ourselves with the right details.

Ferret Hair Loss - What's Wrong? Is He Dying?
Ferrets, just like other animals, shed in the spring and summer. Then in winter, his coat becomes thick and fluffy again. It is a natural process that furry or hairy animals undergo in a certain cycle.

Ferret Disease - How to Tell If Your Ferret is Getting a Disease
You may not be an expert or a veterinarian yourself, but how can you exactly know if your pet has a ferret disease. True enough, you have to ensure that your surroundings and environment are suitable for pet rearing. However, given the unexpected circumstances, the chances of your pet contracting a ferret disease are not impossible either.

How to Increase Your Ferret Lifespan in Five Easy Steps
To begin with, ferrets are extraordinary pets. They require special attention and keen learning, the very same way others do for their exotic pets. Challenges are often faced by ferret owners, most of which include health, sanitation and ferret lifespan concerns.

Ferret Breeding Secrets - Info You Must Know About Breeding Ferrets
Breeding ferrets because their cute is not enough reason for anyone to start doing it. It is nothing like breeding cats and dogs. You may be a responsible owner but it doesn't mean breeding them is for you.

I hope that this has provided our readers with helpful information.


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MightyToyCannon said...

Nesssnix, you know you're practically daring me to write a post about the Creative Conference in which ferrets somehow play a part, don't you?

Stephen said...

Bizzare, I know... but, twice in my life I have had ferrets just walk into my house. Both times were is Seattle & I had the house wide open on a summer day. Both times (not once but twice), they walked right in & plopped themselves down in exhaustion. Both times, I had terriers go nutty.
I thought they were very cute, but stinky & both times I placed an ad for "found ferret" & someone claimed them. Cute, stinky & with a real resemblance to Richard Nixon.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what my kids'll say when I tell them that there was no internet when I was a kid. If I had a question and my parents didn't know the answer, I just had to wonder. Thus, ferret questions weren't even worth asking. I'm glad we've past those dark ages.

MightyToyCannon said...

Stephen, I guess you could call yourself a ferret-magnet.

Allie, In the future, all knowledge will be beamed into a person's cranium before he or she even knows what the question is going to be. Jeopardy won't be nearly as much fun to watch, so they'll disconnect Alex Trebec's life support.