Massive Costume Sale!

I try to avoid shilling for the arts organization that employs me, Oregon Children's Theatre. That's not what this blog is about, plus I don't want readers to think that the malformed opinions and potty mouth language that I spew under the guise of Mighty Toy Cannon have anything to do with that fine cultural institution.

With that caveat out of the way, allow me to promote the most stupendous, gargantuan costume sale that you are likely to ever experience in the entirety of your existence on this planet, may you live into a ripe old age.

Oregon Children's Theatre is selling off much of its costume inventory next week. No, this isn't being done out of economic desperation. We're doing just fine, though you might consider sending a donation. (I'll wait here while you write a check).

The company simply has too many great costumes that it will never use again. Why is that? It's mostly a matter of changing aesthetics and artistic vision. We're not about big, furry animal costumes, and we're no longer producing for the humongous barn of Keller Auditorium, a venue which required outsized costuming so that a six-year old in the top balcony could actually see a little of the action.

Over the past few weeks, staff and volunteers have been sorting through the inventory to get ready for the sale. We've been having fun seeing all that there is--and there is a lot. As official videographer, I've assembled three short films to entice you. Watching all three will eat up no more than five minutes of your busy life.

The first shows our staff trying on costumes:

We couldn't resist staging a staff meeting with some of the masks:

Finally, Stan Foote willingly abased himself for this video showing a fraction of the crazy party wigs that will be available.

Our landlords for the Galleria Building have generously allowed us to hold the sale in the now-vacated storefront on the corner of SW 10th and Alder (formerly occupied by Made in Oregon).

Friday, September 25th, 5:00 to 7:30

We're holding an exclusive pre-sale sale, with a $10 entry fee (kids free) to weed out the riff-raff and give the elite early access to the plunder. Not only will you get first crack at the inventory, we'll have a live jazz band* and beer and wine. Stop by after work and have some fun. You'll have plenty of time to dash over to the Armory for opening night of "Ragtime" at Portland Center Stage. (If you're going out to dinner or to the theater that evening, we'll hold your purchases until the next day).

Saturday, September 26th, 10:00 to 6:00

The big sale!

Also, watch for us on Good Day Oregon (KPTV Channel 12) throughout Friday morning's broadcast.

* Friday night's cool jazz stylings will be courtesy of the Mayfield 4, featuring the upright bass of Matthew Jones, long-time friend and colleague and member of Bourbon Jockey, the band with which I have been known to embarrass myself.


culturejock said...

I love the staff meeting video, and I've been meaning to tell you that I think the posters are very cool! I'll have to collect all 5 or 6 different versions in the series.

MightyToyCannon said...

Thanks CJ. We had fun making these videos. I love working with people who love what they do and love to laugh. I like the posters for the costume sale too! Thanks for delivering them to ArtSpark. One of these days, I will actually make it to one of those events.

shobiz said...

This looks like so much fun. The fam and I would love to come to the pre-sale event, if only we weren't going to be out of towm that weekend. I take it this is not an annual event, but more of a once-in-a-blue-harvest-moon opportunity? I have to admit, I'm sad to miss it.

Miss Laura said...

I'm thinkin' a skunk costume would be great to wear to Boheme that night.

What's this whole caveat business? I read ... shilling, malformed opinions, potty mouth. What's not to like again?