Cover Artist

Congratulations to local artist Christine Bourdette, whose work appears on the cover of Sculpture Magazine in December! The issue will soon be available in refined magazine-selling establishments everywhere.

If you are not familiar with her work, but as you might glean from this cover, Bourdette is known for using interesting materials from wood, leather and rubber to potatoes, feathers and corn. Her work has been called everything from "playful" to "unsettling," two of my favorite descriptions in the arts, so naturally I am very fond of her work. She's also a great community collaborator, having developed projects with choreographers Mary Oslund, Minh Tran and Kristy Edmunds, and filmmakers Jim Blashfield and Joanna Priestley over the last several years.

Congratulations, Christine! For more information on the artist, visit the Elizabeth Leach Gallery website.

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