Random Quote

Over the weekend, I finished reading Padgett Powell's novel, "A Woman Named Drown." Here's a quote:

It seems to me that people are ready to hear things never heard before so long as they are not frightened for their physical safety or worried that listening may cost them money.
Discuss among yourselves.


Unknown said...

I'd be willing to discuss this, but I'm afraid it's just a trick to get my money.

Cool megaphone photo!

Anonymous said...

This explains why I never fill out online surveys.

I would say, from my experience, that one of the biggest factors for not listening to new ideas is the idea of preserving tradition and cultural standards. "This is the way it's always been, so this is the way it should be." Many make this assertions despite the fact that very few things stay stagnant, but it seems that certain things are constant because that's what grandpappy said.