A day in the life ...

To avoid putting words in your mouth, your part in today's playlet will be voiced by Charlie Brown's teacher.


ME: Oh, hi! It's been awhile.

YOU: Wah wah, wah wah wah.

ME: I know, I've been busy for the past week.

YOU: Wah wah!

ME: That long? Wow, a month sure goes by fast.

YOU: Wah wah wah?

ME: Not much. You know, stuff ... keeping busy.

YOU: Wah wha?

ME: Well we saw a great production of "Hamlet" at Coho last week. Oh, we also saw Avatar. Finally! The last ones in the world to see it.

YOU: Wha wah?

ME: Today? Today I had to work, even though it's President's Day. That sucks. But I did see five guys walking around in President masks today. Here, look: I took a picture on my cell phone.

YOU: Wah wha wha wha?

ME: The second guy who looks like a black John Kerry? I think that's supposed to be Obama.

YOU: Wah wah wha.

ME: Right back atcha. Hey, I gotta get back to work.



Miss Laura said...

!!! It's about time! Busy? Working? We all know that Twitter has sucked your brains out, but I'm so pleased you've thrown us a small bone. Wah wah back atcha. Love the pic of the presidents. Come back and play again soon.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why, in the Charlie Brown Universe, as soon as you hit puberty, your visual and aural presence is reduced to a series of unintelligible sounds.