Make is Now

Spotted this morning taped to light poles in downtown Portland:

Dear Portland,

Thank you for saving the Made in Oregon sign. We heard you want to put your name on it. Before you do, consider an option that changes only one letter.

Make in Oregon.

Oregon is for makers. From food and beverages to bikes and clothing to art and music, Oregon makes. Oregon makes wool and cheese and berries and memories.

The sign should be a symbol of who we are, not just where we are. By changing its tense, we put Portland in the present while highlighting Oregon as the state that makes things.

Made is past. Make is now.

This is how it might look:

Whaddya think? Is it better than the hideous neon rose that Commissioner Randy Leonard insisted be planted on top of the Oregon Visitor Center on the Waterfront?

I stole that photo from the Portland Mercury, but they won't care because they like all the attention.

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