Beautiful Barcelona

This morning we did some shopping and Rob and I got our hairs cut at a cute little salon. Halfway through Rob´s haircut, he and the stylist took a cafe break to sip on a cappuccino. Very cute ... and I like Rob´s new do.

Then we marched up to the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics -- a fascinating blend of old parliamentary buildings and modern construction, all atop a hill with fantastic views of the city.

We spent the late afternoon playing Skip-Bo and sipping wine at the small deck and pool on the rooftop of our hotel. It was very relaxing.

Fearing that the bar scene would be pretty dead on a Monday night, we actually got to bed by midnight -- the earliest we have gone to bed this entire trip. This morning at 6:45 we woke up to a gaggle of drunken naked revelers celebrating Portugal´s win in Eur08 on the streets below.

We got some great sun this morning, and managed to find a laundromat to freshen up our stinky clothes, but now it has started raining. Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Ibiza where the forecast is sunny and 78 every day for the rest of week!

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Anonymous said...

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world! I'm so jealous!