High Above Ibiza

You would not believe where I am staying.

Ibiza itself, of course, is lovely. A small Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, with hints of Greece and Morocco. The warm sun greeted us and lulled us into relaxation after a few hectic (but totally fun) days in Barcelona.

Most postcard pictures of Ibiza focus on Ibizatown, a cute and colorful seafront village, with a castle perched high above the town. It is up among this castle that our hotel is located!

To enter this "Dalt Villa" area of Ibiza, we walk though a drawbridge -- seriously, a DRAWBRIDGE -- and up a series of steep and windy paths and steps until we get nearly to the clocktower. Just before the tower, however, is La Torre Del Canoningo, our hotel.

Inside are only 9 rooms -- large rooms -- with tile floors, Moroccan accents, and flowing white fabric to catch the breezes. We can climb up another floor to enjoy the rooftop patio, with sweeping views of everything in Ibiza and beyond. Yesterday we sat out for hours just watching the water traffic and enjoying wine and cheese. Fantastic. Followed by a late night dinner and a few drinks.

Today we spent the day at the beach. There actually isn´t much of a beach here in town (well, there is, but by all accounts it´s a little dirty from all of the city sewer run-offs) so what you do is you take a bus to any number of other beaches east and west of Ibiza. It was a very relaxing day followed by a two hour nap because the clubs don´t even OPEN here until midnight or 2AM -- it´s really best to go at 3AM -- and we are going dancing tonight!

But I have to go now! The sun is about to set and that means it´s time for another drink on the roof!

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