Media Darling

Just when I thought the Red Dress press had dwindled down to nothing, this fun little piece (it's fun because it includes a picture of ME) appeared in this month's special advertising section of The Oregonian.

Here, let me tell you the caption. I don't want you to have to squint.
Cheering the Studio 54 scene that drew lines around the block, Peter Shanky and Jeff Hawthorne clearly caught the party fever. After Storm and her red-dressed cohorts left the stage, DJs took over and shook the walls through the early hours.

And best of all Storm's call-out quote:
How does it make you feel to wear a dress, guys? Makes you feel powerful, doesn't it?

Ha. You can see the spread here, as well as the interesting context in which the story was placed. (Basically how Portlanders throw the most interesting parties that raise money for charity, and how some of the most interesting people in town can be found at a different party every night.)

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