Election Soundtrack #16: A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

I have OPB and my OPB-listening wife to thank for this addition to the Election Soundtrack, which aired on “American Routes” this afternoon. I knew there had to be an appropriate song from that great wordsmith and satirist, Randy Newman, and this is it:

We're nearing the home stretch in the election marathon!


Mead said...

Another choice selection, MTC. Which gives me the chance to say that when I saw you this afternoon, I didn't mean to imply that your Election Soundtrack posts don't "count" as such -- quite the contrary, I've been enjoying them daily.

What I meant to say, in my clodhopping way, was that I miss the voice of your astute cultural observations. But then we're all a little distracted right now, aren't we. I cannot wait for Tuesday....to be OVER.

MightyToyCannon said...

No misinterpretation on this end! The Soundtrack Project has been a way of keeping my mind on the news of the day, but without being glued to the television or the Huffington Post. We'll be back to cultural observations shortly (unless packing to move to another country).